6 Twitter Lists Applications to Expand Your Network

Last Updated on January 31, 2012 by Wong Ching Ya

Twitter Lists search engines


To overlook Twitter Lists is not possible right now. I tend to focus on Google Wave this week but obviously the immunity didn’t work. I have more expectations on Twitter Lists especially after the Seesmic Desktop integration.

Considering how Twitter has evolved, it won’t be long for web developers to come up with numerous applications for Twitter Lists. I can’t help but snoop around and got hold of these 6 Twitter Lists applications to expand your network.


For Network Expansion:
Twitter Lists Search Engines


Ever since Killer Search Apps for a successful Twitter Network, I haven’t been this hyped up about any Twitter-related search tools. I know, a little early for that but fact is, some are just right at our fingertips. You just need to know where to look and how to use it.

A. Listorious



It’s a directory of Twitter Lists where you can search for desired lists based on:

– Most Popular Lists

– A-List or trustworthy lists

– Newest lists

– Top Tags

Use the search box and type the possible list, person or tag. The results displayed are limiting to those who added their list to Listorious. So in order to have the best results, Listorious is encouraging everyone to submit their lists. Just how are we able to do that?

control bar


How to Add Your Twitter Lists to Listorious?


1. Go to Add List and grant access to Listorious by signing in to your Twitter account.

allow access

2. Enter the URL of your selected list, add descriptions and tags for the accuracy of search results.

Add a list

3. You will be prompt to publicize your list to your Twitter network upon complete, or not.

publicize your list

4. You’re done! Check your Listorious account and be wowed with the neat Twitter profile, lists curated and lists you’re on.



B. Google Search


Ok, this isn’t actually an ‘exclusive’ Twitter Lists search tool but with a minor tweaking, Google Search can work like a charm ! The idea is to narrow down the search to twitter.com with keywords contained in Twitter Lists. Here’s how:


a. site:twitter.com/*/your keyword

For example, if I’m searching for lists containing the name ‘social media’ in twitter.com, I should type ‘site:twitter.com/*/social media‘ in the search box. The results will show as below:

Google search results


Too complicated ? Here’s an easier solution:


C. Google Custom Search


Google Custom Search allows you to have the control over how and what to search for — it narrows down your search to limited websites predetermined during the customization. Of course, you need to endure some configuring steps but no pain no gain, right? In this case, I customized a search engine to narrow down my search to Twitter Lists in twitter.com. Instead of the lengthy search terms, now you can type in the keywords straight and get the desired results. Try the Twitter Lists Search Engine below and compare the results with Google Search, are they identical?


For Publicity: Twitter Lists Widget

Allowing you to display selected Twitter Lists with real time streaming. It’s a perfect widget for company to show off their staffs and encourage visitors to follow them on Twitter for updates. This can be a really cool widget if you have a collaborative team on a project – it makes the follow up easier and almost instant. (another alternative is using Tweetgrid with similar effects):


Twitter Lists Widget


For Alerts: Listiti

[Updated 31/01/2012] No Longer Available

When Google Alerts meets Twitter Lists — it’s all about being ahead of the game. Set up or follow the list curated for authority figures in your niche; or even your blogger buddies. Prepare to receive email notification whenever a tweet from chosen list matches your prefixed keywords. Since this service is new, the alert can only be sent hourly.



For Those Lazy for Lists-Making: Conversationlist

[Updated 15/01/2012] Service is Shutting Down



Easily put, Conversationlist is a list consisting of all the people you talked to or mentioned on Twitter. The list is building by itself, daily. Once you stop connecting with someone, he/she will be dropped off the list. If I were you, I’ll start compiling them in own lists as Conversationlist does make the process easier — start with someone you frequently talk to. Here’s 9 Reasons Why You Should Be In Love with Twitter Lists , try to make use of the lists accordingly.


** Updated**

Share Groups of Twitter Users: TweepML

[Updated 31/01/2012] No Longer Available

Similar to Listorious, TweepML allows you to create and find lists of users to follow on site. However, there is an extra feature: TweepML provides HTML embedding options for buttons, links and icons. Showcasing your choice of Twitter lists has never been easier! (thanks to Growmap for introducing this app)

To get the list ready simple Register & Create List; then you’ll need to fill up the details as followed, hit ‘Generate TweepML’ and voila!

It’s Up To You Now…


What are your expectations in Twitter Lists and the third party applications that are bound to spring up like mushrooms?


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