The Best of Twitter Desktop Clients – Secrets Revealed!

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So I have been quite twitter-focus lately. From the basic twitter search to effectively utilize retweets for publicity and info sharing, it wouldn’t be complete without a scoop on twitter desktop clients. They are equally important and some more ease to use. But in case you’re wondering…

What Is A Desktop Client?

It is an application to manage tweets (=conversations) over PC desktop instead of log in to the Twitter web interface. What’s great about desktop client is that not only it provides us the basic functionality, but also equipped with features to group people we followed, manage search and tweets for easy track-backs.

Types of desktop clients…
There are quite a few you could choose from. Here’s a well-compiled list of 26 microblogging tools by mintblogger applicable for Mac & Windows OS with explained features. However today, I’m going to feature 3 powerful desktop clients that you heard so much about:

Comparison Reviews of 3 Best Twitter Desktop Clients:

Twhirl, Tweetdeck & Seesmic Desktop
Twhirl was the earliest among the three that made it to user’s desktop. Its single column interface similar to any Instant Messenger – the ease of ‘tweeting’ whenever you feel like it! Oh, did I mention it supports multiple accounts-login too?
Tweetdeck emerged afterwards and overtook Twhirl’s shining spot with its multi columns interface and Facebook account integration; alongside with special features such as Twitpic/URL previews and 12seconds that capture the interest of Twitter folks. Yup.. ‘We Got A HOT ONE Right Here!!’ (Please don’t sue me Randy…)

Later in end of April, 2009, Seesmic made a comeback with its evolutionary production named Seesmic Desktop — added with Tweetdeck’s specialty of split screens, Facebook integration and grouping ability. Despite Tweetdeck has won over a strong user base over the times and said to be the most powerful desktop client existed, Seesmic Desktop has gradually capture the attention of many with its multiple accounts support, and the most recent: replying Facebook comments!

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper…

1. Interface:

If you are super observant and wouldn’t want to miss a THING, then Seesmic Desktop would amaze you with its unlimited, multi columns interface.  It is now providing options from single column, one fixed others detached to all detached columns. Best served to multitasking Twitter individuals. Tweetdeck however, manages up till 10 columns, and allows an 11th for special inquiry such as user profile or manage groups. Twhirl, on the other hand, plain and simple – my choice of application during office hours when limited tweeting is taking place.


2. Notifications of Tweets, DMs, Replies etc:

Both Twhirl and Seesmic Desktop shared the distinctive alert notifications. One could easily fly from kitchen upon hearing the alert, and Replies/DMs are recognizable with specified colours. Tweetdeck‘s alert however, is monotonous and no colour identifications between tweets or replies.


3. URL Shortener Services:

As much we have mixed feelings with URL shortener, one could not deny its importance in microblogging where ‘140’ is the limit! Twhirl and Seesmic Desktop are good picks if you wish to track your click stats. By providing your acc API key, all URLs shortened by will be saved for track backs.


4. Sharing Pictures from Desktop Clients:

Twitpic is the default picture sharing service for all desktop clients. Seesmic Desktop has 4 more options: Twitgoo, yfrog, Pikchur & Posterous. Tweetdeck, on the other hand, just added YFrog as the extra image sharing service.


5. Support Multiple Accounts:

All of these 3 desktop clients are now supporting multiple Twitter accounts. While Seesmic Desktop & Tweetdeck could have as many Twitter accounts created and interchangeable whenever necessary, Twhirl looks slightly distracting to have all accounts splattering all over your PC desktop.


6. Facebook Account Integration:

Facebook is EVERYWHERE nowadays. Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck are two of the lucky picks that own this functionality.


7. Assign Groups for Tweeters:

Both Tweetdeck & Seesmic Desktop are preferred choices as all groups are retrievable after re-login the applications. Tweetdeck has a slight edge over Seesmic Desktop because the groups or saved columns could be synced via a pre-registered Tweetdeck account (your email). That means you could have the equal column settings on any other PCs you’re working on.

twitter grouping

8. Tweetshrink:

A life saver for lengthy messages. Seesmic Desktop has just added this feature on 23rd May, 2009.

9. Scan & Filter Keyword Search:

Too many tweets flooding in and you’ve been missing out the juicy news! Try the ‘Filter’ option that works similarily to ‘CTRL+F’ of your PC and trace back the missing tweet, or following up a conversation. It is available in both Twhirl and Tweetdeck. But, allow me to give Tweetdeck more credit than the rest, as the ‘Filter’ is built-in EACH column! How cool is that.


10. Preview Pictures / Long URLs before Navigate to web pages:

Tweetdeck is the sole winner in this category as it provides the preview feature to make sure the validity of the shortened URL & Twitpic source.

preview-pic-or-shortened url

11. Other Special Features:


And there’s so much more in each desktop client!

Now you understand why we make a fuss about these twitter desktop clients. Aren’t they fascinating? If you have yet to use any, please try. You will be amazed how it saves your time, and makes your tweeting life much easier and organized. Power users should definitely give Seesmic Desktop or Tweetdeck a run through.

Please share with us…

Which is your favourite Twitter desktop client? Share with us why you chose it and did it make a difference in your tweeting experience? Love to hear from you.

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