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How to Add Pages You Like in Your (Updated) Facebook News Feed?

[UPDATED 14/03/2012 for adding Pages to Interest Lists within the post] Recently a lot of Facebook users are asking the same question: “I can no longer view page updates in my newsfeed. How do I add pages I like into my Newsfeed? ” Technically, the page updates are still there in your news feed, just…

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7 Free iFrame Applications to Create Welcome Tab (Custom Tabs) for Your Facebook Page

[UPDATED 05/01/2012]Note: You don’t have to worry if FBML tags are not working in some of these iframe apps because starting from 1st, Jan 2012, FBML will no longer be supported as described by Facebook here. Recently I received emails asking about facebook iFrame applications. Most readers enjoyed the guide on how to create an…

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How to Manage Photos On Top of Your New Profile & Facebook Pages

I’m really grateful to Are for he had posted a great question here. I haven’t actually wrote a detailed post about photo arrangements for either New Profile or the upgraded facebook page. This week would be a great opportunity to go more in depth with both platforms! Truth is, we do need all the visibility…

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7+ Major Tips in Enhancing Your Upgraded Facebook Page

Three days ago, facebook announced an exciting news about Page Upgrade! Some of the most desired features are finally included such as page notification, ability to comment as the page profile and many more! I can’t wait to share with you what I love about the new facebook page:   #1  Latest Photos Arrangement to…

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3 Ways to Add Google Map (Business Location) to Your Facebook Page

The incident with merged facebook page and Places has temporarily subsided, thanks to the much-requested ‘unmerge’ button. I didn’t get to explore how the Places Page work but as much the Bing map looks attractive on the merged pages, there are numerous reasons why a business owner should think twice before merging. Last Saturday, I…

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10 Social Media Apps to Watch in 2011

You should know by now how much of a facebook fanatic I am.  Since last year, I have not been blogging much about other social media apps except facebook. Well this week, I decided to do them justice by introducing you some of my favorite social media applications that got my attention long before 2011….

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14 Facebook Applications to Encourage Fans Engagement in 2011

CHECK OUT: 23+ Essential Facebook Page Applications to Improve Fans Engagement in 2012. 2011 has finally arrived! It’s the moment we renew our pledge to social media commitments and keeping our audiences enthralled with our content! As I went through my blog achieve the other day, I was deeply encouraged by the responses obtained from…

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How to Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn and Facebook Page with Testimonials (Portfolio)

I hope you had a blast fine-tuning your blog with testimonials last week. It’s really encouraging to hear that some are trying out the methods, can’t wait to receive more feedbacks on that! In the mean time, I will be sharing few more practical ways to display testimonials (and portfolio) on your LinkedIn and Facebook…

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7 Easy Ways to Add Clients Testimonials to your Blog

Freelancers, marketers, even bloggers are taking testimonials seriously. Although some referring it to be purposed for closing sales, truth is testimonial is a critical aspect in brand monitoring.  While I was outsourcing for hosting service, the clients’ reviews are my ‘first impressions’ to the brand. Not solely on the after-use experience, but how the brand…