How to Brand Your Tweets with TweetBrand

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You know how social media strategists love to talk about branding right? Well, over the months we have discussed about ways to brand ourselves on Twitter with customized Twitter background and bio descriptions. Now MarketMeTweet offers a new alternative to maximize our exposures through tweet-branding. Meet TweetBrand — a handy and effective tool… oh! Did I mention it’s FREE too?


How Does TweetBrand Work?


Let me make this easy for you, noticed the squared area that’s usually filled by Twitter application names like Tweetdeck, Web or API?

Well, not anymore. With TweetBrand you can now place whatever terms you like: organization or company name, your blog name, your niche subjects… anything that will help to attract like-minded audiences. You can predetermine the landing page of the backlink as well ! Here I place ‘Social @ Blogging Tracker’ as my brand name and a mouse click at it will direct people to my blog. Imagine the benefits I will gain from this tiny modification:

  • The ability to brand my tweets with a descriptive name. In this case, Social Media & Blogging related subjects are my priorities.
  • Increasing exposure with higher chance to meet with like minded individuals or potential clients.
  • Clear niche-identification without being intrusive. Followers can click the backlink at will without me DM them to do so.
  • Retrieve the backlink and attention you deserved on Twitter.


I was testing out this application two days ago and immediately it was recognized by my Twitter friends. They are wondering how my blog name can appear on all my Twitter status?

Therefore, do not underestimate a minor change for it may do wonders to your business. Your company or organization name can be spotted instantly on various Twitter platforms, let it be web apps or desktop clients. It’s a chance to stand out from your competitors and be ahead of the game.


How To Configure TweetBrand to Brand Your Tweets


Basically, you need to register a new application to retrieve consumer key codes which later be used to activate the tweetbrand installer (adobe air application). The configuration may be a little tricky but if you follow the instructions carefully, you’ll be tweeting from TweetBrand in no time:


1. First you need to sign up here in order to get the free download file. Upon receiving the email, click the link as instructed.

2. You will be asked to sign in to Twitter in order to get your consumer key and secret code.

3. Register a new application while in your Twitter page. Fill up the required details and save it.

4. Once the application is ready, you will be given consumer key & consumer secret code which will be needed during installation (Step no.6).

Tweetbrand consumer key and secret code

5. Now you are ready to download TweetBrand. Follow the instructions and proceed until the app is successfully installed to your PC.

6. Login with your TweetBrand registration details. Paste in the consumer key & secret code (from step.4) before integrating your Twitter account(s).

7. Sign in to Twitter and grant access for the application you created. A Twitter Pin number will be displayed. Copy & paste it to the box and hit ‘Apply’ to finalize the process.

8. Now, you can start tweeting with TweetBrand!


Here are several features you should know:

  • Paste the long URL in the tweet box and click ‘Tiny URL’ to shorten it (Of course, you are free to use other shortener services as you pleased).
  • Tick ‘Replies’ will reveal the conversations directed to your username.
  • Tick ‘Friends’ will display the real-time tweets from the people you followed.

Have fun trying out the application and start branding your tweets today! If you’re hoping for more advanced features, you’ll be interested to know about 7 Features to Brand, Market, Manage with MarketMe Tweet.


Now It’s Your Turn…


What’s your opinion about TweetBrand? Do you have other requests to improve this application? Share with us in your comment below.


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Update: Tweetbrand has been removed from MarketMe Tweet to focus on their main product.


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