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Last Updated on March 21, 2014 by Wong Ching Ya

Are you active on Pinterest? If so, you might like what I’m going to share with you today.

schedule pinterest pins

As I was listening to Melanie Duncan’s webinar, she suggested a tool that I had been looking for since months ago. I had recently slowed down my pinning activities due to concerns for unable to even out my pins (I used to be quite active) and reach the target audience at the suggested timings. I had tried to sign up Pinerly, hoping to utilize their scheduling option but so far this feature is still in pending mode. Until today I heard about ‘Pingraphy’, I knew it’s something worth checking out.


PinGraphy – Pinterest Scheduling Tool for Brands

Pingraphy is currently open for beta sign ups. There are other features mentioned on its main site but the only one available now is ‘Schedule Pins’. So let’s check out how PinGraphy works:

1.  After signing up at Pingraphy and logged in, drag the Pingraphy bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar:

pingraphy bookmarklet

2.  Next, on the webpage for the image or infographic you want to pin, click at ‘Pingraphy’ bookmarklet on your browser. By default, all images will be selected:

select pins in pingraphy

In this case, I wish to pin an infographic from the site, so I ‘unselect all’ while keeping one of them ticked as shown below. Click ‘Next’:

select infographic

3.  Select the destination board for your pin in the drop down menu. Describe your pin and make sure its URL is linked correctly. Here is where you can select to ‘upload now’ or ‘schedule’ to post later. I chose the latter.

describe your pinterest pin

Optional: You can edit your pin via ‘Edit Photo’ prior to scheduling.

edit pinterest pin

4.  Here are two options you need to configure:

    • Time: select your date and time for the pin to publish:

pingraphy schedule

    • Zone: there are only four timezone options at this moment – EDT, PDT, CDT, MDT.

timezone in pingraphy

This is quite a setback to me since I’m not living in the US. To remedy that, I use World Time Converter to convert my selected time slots.

[Updated 01/09/12] Multiple timezones added. You can now schedule pins based on your selected timezone.

pingraphy timezone options

[Updated 29/12/12] You can now set intervals between your scheduled pins (in minutes) so they don’t publish too close together.

pingraphy interval

5.  After finished, check your Dashboard to view your scheduled pin(s) at designated time slots:

scheduled pin


[Updated 29/12/12] Long awaited feature – the ‘Delete’ button is added to remove unwanted posts from your scheduled list.

pingraphy delete button

6.  Once the pin is published to your Pinterest board, you will be able to track its performance via ‘Repins’, ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’.

recent uploads in pingraphy


[Updated 29/12/12]

7. Users can now review their top 10 pins and an overview of their board stats with Pingraphy’s brand new analytical feature.

pingraphy new analytical stats

Results & Observations: PinGraphy’s Scheduling Feature

Here are a couple of things you should know about pin-scheduling using Pingraphy:

a.  When you view the pin from within your pinboard, the source is displayed correctly when clicked:

scheduled pins on pinterest

But when viewed as an individual pin, the pin is seen ‘Pinned from Pinterest for iPhone’. Normally the website link should be displayed as the source instead of the app name. Even so, the pin is still linked correctly to the source when clicked. Just be aware of this in terms of brand visibility on Pinterest.

pin source

b.  The stats are not real-time in Pingraphy. No information so far on how soon they will update the info.

pingraphy stats

There is definitely room for improvement in Pingraphy as a Pinterest management tool. I hope they’ll work on fixing the displayed source link for individual pin and update the stats more accurately.

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Now Is Your Turn

What do you think of Pingraphy? Will you use it to space out your pins?

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