How Seriously Do You Take Blog Comments?

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We all read other people’s blogs. And often the case we’re advised to leave our digital footprints in ‘comments’. Hoping by doing so, while gaining some link juice (from Do-Follow blogs), the author or visitors will be kind enough to, maybe, return the favor? That’s the general idea of commenting as one of the traffic-magnet and relationship-building strategies, is it not?

I am NOT someone with the highest ability of commenting, but just how serious we should take blog comments? I know there is a need to be succinct so we could have links spread on 100 new blogs daily! However, what if all the efforts went down the drain just because we didn’t  apply QC in our commenting?

There should be an awakening on …

Treating Commenting as Micro-blogging (Quality over Quantity)

Even I, made the exact same mistakes! Came across a perfect post that I have nothing else to add but to compliment on the effort. Then it makes me realize, “Gosh, I’m doing the ‘You’re great’ type of commenting!” Then I’m in dilemma – shall I comment at all? Does the author bother to check out who am I?  Of course you can, but you may need to do it differently. We’ll be discussing about that shortly. But first:

What type of posts attract comments?

Ask yourself, what do you like to read best? Here are just some that probably have crossed your mind:

  • Informative & thought provoking.
  • State out a problem, providing solutions, asking for more opinions and added ideas.
  • An inspirational story that makes people go teary eyes, strike the emotional cords.
  • An honest confession / experience that teaches a lesson.
  • List post that’s one of a kind – resourceful, entertaining or different.
  • Self made comic, poetry, vodcast – there’s a risk for putting yourself out there, but surely there will be tons of feedback on it. Be prepared as some may not ‘enjoy’ it as much.
  • Tool-type reviews – How cool/ effective is the tool? Sometimes it requires more than just a brief content to evoke comments. Otherwise people will be more into ‘great review, I’ll consider using it’. Don’t blame them for doing so. They may read through them just not in need of using it for the time being.
  • Totally Out Of The Box!

My Personal Favorites:

Informative + personalized postings = while absorbing the useful information I could learn a bit more about the author as well — personality, creativity, his/her art of blogging… It matches my goal in learning while building a relationship with the author through commenting.

What type of comments that least likable by authors?

a) Covering 80% of the already limited sentences with same-meaning vocabs — ‘great, love, good’ or ‘bad, sucked, hate’.

“This is great. Love your blog. Good job!”
“This sucks! Dislike the idea and really bad!”

— Kindly prove your point a little bit more? Otherwise..

b) Not speaking straight to the point, left the author hanging with ‘HUH?’

“Thanks for sharing 8 great ways to drive in traffic. Can you explain how to get more traffic to my blog?”

— Do you mind to read the post beforehand? Or do you need particular elaboration? Try to be clear.

c) Translated comments from software with no further modification.

“I really like you to write the article..”

— Some direct translation might sound unnatural. Modification is needed otherwise the author may think you’re a bot.

d) Too extreme with self-centered opinions, with disrespectful tone.

“That’s stupid. No way that would work! I have a much better solution for this problem on my post ‘ABC’ (with link). I explained it more thoroughly on how to deal with problem XYZ with cool examples. So you guys do head over to my site and catch the real deal!”

— Seriously? Kindly be respectful and more specific instead of just self-promoting for people to visit your site.

e) Repeated ideas without strengthening your point.

“I like your point A. I also use point A to deal with Z problem. A is really a good way. We shall all apply A.”

“Others have given good ideas. I have nothing else to add.”

— Alright, A is good, but how did it really help you? Kindly elaborate on that. Nothing else to add? You gotta do much better than that to get approved.

How To Comment and Leave an Impression?


  1. Be personal with your comment. Share you opinions/insights as you are microblogging.
  2. If disagreeing, kindly be respectful and provide advises to assist author in strengthening the point. – you come to build relationship not to ruin one.
  3. Needless to be over-used with vocabs, make it plain and understandable.
  4. If ‘Me Too’, type anything but the two words.
  5. State your interest/gratitude for the provoking story as it helps you in what ways.
  6. Request for explanations for your doubts, respectfully.
  7. Can you be humorous and unexpectedly entertaining? Even a ‘Me too’ comment attracts with a simple twist.

What If the post is too perfect and I have nothing else to add??!!


Bookmark the page, tweet it or stumble it! An action speaks a thousand words. Whether you meant it genuinely or to ‘bribe’ the author, doesn’t matter as you’re doing a good favor. A little act of kindness is always a beautiful thing to do, why not? It’s just a simple click away nowadays.

Should I notify the author? It’s up to you. I don’t see the harm in doing so but in reasonable frequency. Don’t ‘hard sell’ your effort and do expect nothing in return.

Commenting is a type of social networking

Drop the author a note at the social media sites, complimenting him/her for the great work. It’s much better than just a ‘I love your post’ comment — such visibility may not be in much help since no constructive comments are given. Or you can try Add/Follow the blog author in social media sites. Be initiative.

As of the authors,
Obviously, we still need to provide quality content or else, show people some personalities. Sometimes don’t just blame the commenter as maybe we need to improve our content firstly.

Here are some links that may help you in proper managing your comments and encourage feedback:

30+ Plugins for WordPress Comments
WordPress : Combating Comment Spam
WordPress Plugins for Comments

I don’t plan to use all of them for now, but plugins like Akismet, CommentLuv, Do-Follow, Recent Comments, Subscribe to Comments are the ones activated in my blog.

It’s Your Turn..

Do share you opinions on how to manage your blog comments. What are you likes/dislikes and how us, as visitors could improve our commenting skills over time? Love to hear from you.


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