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This week it’s my pleasure to present you a guest post by Rajeev Edmonds, who also known as mintblogger. Rajeev has always been a mentor, a kind friend who has been very helpful in the beginning of my blogging journey. He owns a blog about Blogging Tips & Social Media. Today he shares with us the Top 10 Traffic Sources For a Blog. Enjoy! ~ Ching Ya

Traffic is life and blood of Internet. It is the driving force of any successful online business. There are dozens of channels through which traffic may arrive on your web site or blog. Some of these are conventional channels and some are unconventional and relatively new which were non-existent a decade back. Here are some popular traffic sources that contribute in building traffic on your blog.

Traffic Sources

Organic Traffic

Search engines are unarguably the biggest traffic source for almost every blog. Depending on the niche, age of the blog and size of the archive, your organic traffic share can range anywhere between 30% to 90%. As your tail gets long, the traffic from organic sources inflates dramatically. Gradually this traffic becomes consistent sending targeted visitors to your blog. If you want regular traffic from search engines, you must take care of the following things while generating content.

1. Consistency
2. Search engine friendly
3. Quality
4. No duplicate copies
5. Easily indexable

Social Media

After search engines, social media sites are the second most popular traffic pulling sources. On a good day your social media traffic can be as high as 2 to 4 times of your normal organic traffic. Here’s a social media traffic case study by Darren Rowse showing a Tsunami of 250,000 visits on Digital Photography School in a single day.

Feed Aggregators (Email + RSS)

Feed subscribers are a good source of repeating visitors. Generally, feed click-through rate depends on variable conditions. If you are providing full feed to subscribers, clicks will naturally be much low as compared to partial feeds. But again it’s a trade-off between more visits versus good subscriber retention rate.

Guest Blogging

That’s what I’m doing right now. Guest blog more often and see the growth in traffic as well as subscribers. If you have a new blog, it is the best way to get rapid exposure. Make the habit of submitting at least one guest post per week to a blog in similar niche. You will notice increase in your traffic in leaps and bounds.

Discussion Forums

Get involved with like-minded people in discussion forums and you are bound to receive more traffic via referrals and your entries. Here I must stress on the selection of forums where you are going to contribute. Although there are some very high traffic forums, but unfortunately they are full of spam. I’d highly recommend joining Authority Blogger Forum, which has a lively and helpful community and is almost free of any spam.

Article Marketing

I used article marketing as one of traffic pulling method when I launched mintblogger back in 2008. Big articles sites like Ezine Articles send very good traffic over long period of time. Couple of my articles on Ezine still sends good traffic after one year of their publication. Another advantage is backlinks every time you submit an article.


Regular commenting not only brings traffic but also build relationships. Be the first one to comment on a high traffic blog and see how many visitors you will receive. In case this post goes viral then it’s icing on the cake. Generally commentators have the tendency to check links of first few comments. The higher you are in the ladder, the more visits you are bound to receive. Make sure you leave a constructive comment to get the maximum benefit from it.


Once your blog develops a decent readership, you will notice links to your blog popping up on blogrolls of different blogs. Sometimes bloggers include a link voluntarily and sometimes in exchange of a link. Whatever is the situation, they do help in diverting some traffic across participating blogs.


And last but not the least is the advertising option. If you are desperate to get quick traffic and your pocket allows, you can opt for PPC advertising campaigns. Facebook offers very economical CPM based advertising options with a rate as low as $0.05 per impression. It allows you to create highly target campaign using the demographic data of Facebook users. You can also use Adwords to get good traffic in quick time.

Other Traffic Sources

1. Blog Carnivals
2. Direct Traffic
3. Bookmarks (Browser bookmarks)
4. Word of Mouth
5. Offline Promotion

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