How to Allow Photo-Tagging by Fans on Your Facebook Page

Last Updated on August 7, 2012 by Wong Ching Ya

Since the past few weeks I have received a lot of requests about photo-tagging in business pages:

It was a good question from Adam. There used to be a simple option to tweak the settings but ever since facebook had modified the photo tab and its layout last month, the option was completely invisible:

Good news is, after a long search within my own fan page, I managed to dig it up again. Basically there are two ways you can locate it:


Method #1 – Convert Photo Tab to Boxes

We all know Facebook had made clear that Boxes are going away for good after 23rd August 2010. Even so, facebook has yet to implement the change on all facebook accounts at once so lucky for me, I can still see my boxes tab lying comfortably on my Wall. If you can see yours too then here’s what you can do:

1. Go to Edit Page, look for Photo -> Application Settings.

2. In Profile, click ‘Add’ next to Box.

3. Now your ‘Photo’ will appear inside the Boxes tab. Click at ‘Edit Settings’ to reveal the photo-tagging setup:

Voila! Here it is!


Method #2 – Replace Page ID to Access the App Settings

Now here’s another scenario when a business page was already receiving fans photos before this. The ‘Edit Settings’ will be hidden from view as shown below:

In that case, there is one way you can bypass the hassles and go straightly to the app settings. Just replace ‘xxxxxxxx’ with your own Page ID inside the link below will do (2305272732 is the application ID for Photo app):


How to Locate Your Facebook Page ID?

If you have not created a vanity URL for your business page, you can easily obtain the page ID from the default link – the number at the back as indicated:

Once you have claimed your business page username, the page ID is no where in sight. What you can do is hover over ‘Edit Page’ then look for your page ID underneath your browser. Copy that and insert the numbers into the link as explained in Method #2.

Pretty simple right? Make sure to bookmark this post just in case you wish to make modifications to your fans’ photo tagging (or adding) in future.


Update 07/08/12: The procedures have changed since the launch of the new Facebook Timeline layout. In order to allow your fans to tag your page,

Go to ‘Edit Page’ -> Click ‘Manage Permissions’ -> and make sure these two are ticked:

#1 Posting Ability – Everyone can add photos and videos to ‘Your page’

#2 Tagging Ability – People can tag photos posted by ‘Your page’


Now Is Your Turn…

Do you allow fans to add and tag photos in your facebook fan page? How effective do you think photos can help in improving your facebook page engagement with fans?


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