1. Freaking Awesome – Ching Ya.. ( can I say that.. tehe)

    Really bundled up some awesome Facebook apps here.

    Found myself using LinkedIn more lately, so thanks for the heads up on the LinkedIn app here.

    Think I need to start apply more of these apps to increase interaction. Though I am in the process of working on new Facebook Fan page to get my new blog going. So you tips here will become real handy.


    Cheers.. Are
    .-= Are Morch´s last blog ..The World Of Hotels – Yesterday – Today and Tomorrow =-.

    1. Thank you Are, and yes you can say that word. 🙂

      Nothing is more uplifting to hear people benefiting from a little research I did on Facebook. You have my gratitude for liking it and share it with your network. Good to know you’re working on another new blog. Hope to hear more about it when you’re ready.

      Thanks again my friend! Your visit is highly appreciated.

  2. Great list, Ching Ya. I especially like the FAQ,, LinkedIn and Page List apps and will bookmark Promotions and Constant Contact to check out later.

    The only issue I have is the safety/security of third party apps. I don’t use any for my personal account as it gives access to all of my info AND my friends. Do apps for FB Pages act the same way? Though I love the bells and whistles, I’m more concerned with keeping my Page stable and safe. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    It’s been great chatting with you on Facebook and really appreciate all the work that you put into each post. Thanks!
    .-= Tim Baran´s last blog ..Protect Your Contacts – Opt Out Of Yahoo Updates Social Network =-.

    1. Tim,

      First of all, thank you so much for supporting this site. Appreciate you liking some of the ideas mentioned here. 🙂

      This is a good question you brought up and I understand your concern. From what I’ve been observing so far on my page, if you’re using the reliable app (non-gaming or unknown source etc) for your page, it should be alright. I have yet seen any mass-produce spams or intrusion on my page resulting on using the existing apps. But I do very skeptical on apps about quizzes, games and avoiding/blocking them at all costs so it won’t affect both my personal and fan page.

      Upon using an app, I normally check users reviews/discussions to see how others responding to it before adding. Of course there is no definite ‘secure’ for each app therefore advisable to check on them as frequently as possible is the best way.

      Another way, is to avoid using unnecessary apps. We won’t be needing all 31 apps, definitely, so just choose what you think needed. ^^

      It’s great chatting with you on FB too. And I do treasure you taking the time to visit, comment and network too. Big thanks!

    1. Hesham,

      I hope not, the last thing I want is to cause trouble. lol.. haven’t seen you awhile so hope all things are well for you. Busy guy as always huh? 🙂 Keep up the great work! Thanks for taking the time to visit.

      1. I’m sure it won’t but I would probably go bananas, hehe. These apps will have to go to ever growing “do it later” master file. 31 apps is a lot although I myself have been a lot more active on LinkedIn lately. As always a time saver. Hope all is well with you Ching. Have a great weekend
        .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..How Much Does Google AdSense Pay You? =-.

        1. That’s good, LinkedIn is still in my ‘to-do’ list where I need to enhance my knowledge for it first. 🙂 But surely I hope can cover something about it soon enough. Thanks so much & wish you a great week too!

    1. Thank you, Arafat. As long you find this blog useful I’ll be glad to share my findings. Glad this post saves your time in discovering some new apps. Happy testing (on the apps)!

    1. Thank you Pradeep for visiting. I know it’s an overwhelming list but can always bookmark for later use. Try them out and let me know which helps. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Element321,

      Anytime. 🙂 Hope if you ever thought about building a facebook page for your website, these apps can help you enhance it further. Wish you the best and hope to hear your experience after testing out some of them. Appreciate your visit.

    1. Jorgen,

      Lol.. I sure hope so! But I doubt they’ll ever have the time to write at all. 😛 I’m glad you enjoy this post, hope it helps. Thanks so much for dropping by!

    1. Dennis, I tested them all but only use what’s necessary. Better to be selective so not to burden the page & visitors too. 🙂

    1. Danny,

      How did the promotion go? Do be sure to give me a shout out and I’d love to have a look at it. ^^ Facebook Page is a lot of fun and highly potential, would love to know your experience with it.

      Thanks for commenting.

    1. Mitchell,

      Ah.. the personal perofile and business page rival. 🙂 I can fully understand your situation. I’m currently trying to work out a post regarding this issue too, if you have any requests be sure to drop me a line.

      Did you setup a facebook page yet? These apps are mostly introduced for that, in case you ever needed them, you know where to look for. ^^Thanks again for visiting.

  3. Gee, you can’t have tell that you love FaceBook Ching Ya, you really put a lot into these posts of yours.

    I have a FaceBook page but I don’t have much to do with it other than have my posts automatically listed on my page. I reckon that means I have a lot of work ahead of me if I ever want to catch up with what I’m missing. Thanks Mate 😀
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..FlexSqueeze Latest Update Absolutely Rocks =-.

    1. Sire,

      Hope I didn’t bored you out with all these Facebook posts. 🙂 You have a Facebook Page? Why am I not informed? Did I join yet? I better go to your site and double check on that. ^^ Was a little overwhelmed lately but I’ll never forget to visit you guys, late is better than never, right?

      Hope you had a great week & always a pleasure to see you here.

    1. Dan,

      Glad you find this resource useful. 🙂 Indeed, Facebook Page is still quite ‘new’ for many and I agree it’s not for everyone, but an option if one ever hopes to extend the network further. Just in case you need it, I’ll be happy to assist you. Keep up the great work at your blog, my friend.

    1. Thank you for the kind remark, Kiran. Did you manage to try a few of these apps? Hope you can find a few favorites among them. 🙂

  4. Just EXACTLY when I started looking into using Wildfire Apps on behalf of a client who wants to run a promotion, you review it. Your timing couldn’t be better – and the information is exactly what I am looking for 🙂

    This is a really fabulous list of resources. I didn’t know about the YouTube Channels app, which might be the right solution for one page. However, for feeding YouTube into a Facebook Page, I really like YouTube Video Box. I like that it doesn’t automatically feed videos from your YouTube channel into the Facebook Page. Rather, with Video Box, the Page admin selects each video to add to the page, and it can be any video from within YouTube. You can see an example of it at work on http://www.facebook.com/tawkon.
    .-= Debra Askanase´s last blog ..Have You Seen Linkedin’s New Look? =-.

    1. Debra,

      Thanks so much for the heads up. You’re right, and I love YouTube Video Box for that (included that in previous post about 16 FB apps) 🙂 It’s fascinating to learn so many choices we can pick from to meet our needs. And you’re right with the Wildfire apps, very powerful and helped a lot in customization as well. Most of all, the free apps are just as wonderful too.

      Great having you here.

    1. Thank you Karl, your kind remark means a lot. 🙂 Appreciate your comment and support for this blog. I’m a fan of your site too, great information on SEO and will visit you shortly. Thanks again for dropping by.

  5. You always come up with great lists of applications and add-ons!

    Is it just me, or are people using Facebook in a similar way as many did with FriendFeed?

    It seems as though many are using Facebook as a central “hub” to distribute and/or show all of their web activities.

    1. You’re most welcome, Monica, and allow me to welcome you to my humble blog. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. May these apps can help you to promote/enhance your page. Feel free to drop me an email anytime if you have any requests about FB. See you again soon.

    1. Thanks Larry, I appreciate your kind support. Hope to see you here often. Thanks again for commenting. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jannie, have missed your presence here in this blog. 🙂 So great to see you again, yes, your comment is well posted here. I appreciate your support, always!

  6. Hi Ching Ya!

    I just found your blog today and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the time to assemble such a great list of resources!

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