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6 Ways to Step Up Facebook Engagement and Page Appeal

Are you struggling to generate LIKES, comments and shares on your Facebook page? Whether your challenge is a lack of motivation, inspiration or creativity, knowing how to organically reach fans can be frustrating.

While there is no set rule to determining what content your fans crave most, there are creative ways to figure out what they find appealing, interesting and LIKEable!

facebook page engagement

#1  Use Images to Tell a Story

Facebook Timeline gave business pages an exceptional opportunity. Not only could they use images to draw fans in, but also to eat up a considerable amount of real estate in the news feed.

Images can gain the attention of your fans in a split-second and beg them to “drop by” your page for another look around. They are an excellent motivator and a great connector to the look, feel and voice behind your brand.

When using images, don’t feel compelled to write a long, drawn out status update. Instead, allow the image to impart what words might fail to say. And if you must use words, keep it short and sweet.

Disney is one brand using images in a very compelling way. They know the power images have to draw out emotion by recalling a fond memory or moment in time. Just take a look at a recent post. It almost feels as if you just watched the movie for the first time doesn’t it?



#2  Solve a Problem

Want to know what the needs of your fans are? Take the time to listen!Listening and identifying what their main concerns, challenges or fears are will equip you to meet those in a very real and genuine way.

Use tools such as Google Alerts, SocialMention, Clicky and Hashtags to listen in on conversations, whether they are about your brand, local community or industry.

Each of the tools above will let you monitor specific keywords or phrases that will keep your ear to the ground and your Facebook topics relevant to your audience.

After all, why would any Facebook admin want to leave the conversation to chance?


#3  Be Authentic

While both authenticity and transparency get tossed around as two of the most overused words in social media, their value should not be diminished.

If your Facebook efforts are failing, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have you stripped away any preconceived notions of who you believe you should be online?
  • Are you a person that others want to connect with? If not, why?
  • How can you transition your offline persona to your online presence? (Let me tell you a secret. Mastering this is where the true magic begins)!

People want to connect with you, so share what matters to you both professionally as well as personally. Talking shop all of the time is just plain boring. My love of coffee is a great connector and easily opens the door to conversation whether I’m making a new friend on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Use this information in the same way on your page.

As the saying goes, people work with those they “know, like and trust.” The only way to build a bridge between you and your fans is through direct and candid communication.

Oreo knows the value behind this and works to prove to their fans that they do more than sell a cookie; they truly care about their fans.



#4  Never Forget Your Call to Action

With nearly one-half (47%) of social media users saying that they’ve taken some type of action offline because of their interaction online, it’s evident that using a call to action in your posts is a must.

A clear and concise call to action should have a single purpose; to inspire your fans to instantly act upon your post.  Whether it’s a simple status update or an eye-catching image, the key is to get your fans actively engaging with your page. Once you determine what their content sweet spot is, you bypass the angst associated with Edgerank and whether or not your content is actually showing up in your fans newsfeed.

So how can you craft your content in a persuasive way, never leaving your desired action to chance? Keep your posts short, simple, fun, interesting, relevant and easy to answer. A few examples:

  • Questions:
    • We love breakfast! What’s your favorite meal of the day?
    • Coffee or tea?
    • What is your first memory of [your brand]?
    • Math or English: what was your favorite subject?
  • Fill in the blank:
    • Have you ever _____?
    • We ‘LIKE’  __________. What do you think?
    • My favorite day of the week is __________?
    • Finish this sentence: I couldn’t go one day without ______!
  •  Engaging:
    • Monday again? Click ‘LIKE’ if you’d rather still be home in bed!
    • Talk about a view! ‘SHARE’ if you wish you were here!
    • Hands up if you’re ready for the weekend!
    • ‘LIKE’ this post if you have Spring fever!

Pringles is a great page to follow if you’re looking high engagement and inspired posts. They definitely know who their audience is and succeed in delivering quality content in an enticing and energizing way each and every day.



#5  Give Your Fans a Platform to Be Heard

Allow your fans to offer feedback, support and insight by asking for their opinion. We all want to know that our opinion makes a difference. There is no better way to endure your brand to fans than by making their voice heard.

In my belief, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to appear omniscient. You are not. You do not possess special insight magical powers. The only way to truly know what your fans want, need or desire from you and your brand is to ask.

A page that does an exceptional job at involving their fans is the City of New York. They recently asked there over 50,000 fans how they would redesign New York City’s 11,412 pay phones. I can guarantee that if you are a resident of the City of New York; you appreciate the opportunity to share your thoughts.

City of New York


#6  Use Your Analytics and Insights

If a Facebook post falls in the forest and no ones around to hear it, did it really happen? The answer is no. If you don’t pay attention to your analytics and know when your fans are online and what content they crave, there is no sense in throwing out worthless posts that fall upon deaf ears.

Review your analytics frequently to identify what content receives the highest engagement. Is it images, links, videos or a simple status update? Just because the latest Facebook engagement poll has status updates triumphing over images in the newsfeed does not make it true for your page and fans.

A perfect example of this is the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate page where images receive an 87% higher engagement rate than any other type of post. That crowd is extremely visual and no statistic is going to tell them otherwise.

This is why it is so important for you to learn what content connects with your fans and then give it to them, along with your call to action, as often as possible.

Skittles is one page that has no doubt who their audience is and what content they desire. They’re page is fun, colorful and a real treat for any fan, just like the candy itself.



Now It’s Your Turn

So which tip will you use on your Facebook page today? Remember, the only way any of these ideas will work is if you work them consistently. Set your goals, put a plan in motion and get started today!

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah is a social media strategist, content developer and trainer that has been actively involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 18 years. Rebekah believes that social media has transformative powers when it is used correctly and integrated in to a strategic marketing plan. Rebekah manages social media on a daily basis and is eager to help you STOP those time sucking activities and maximize, prioritize and monetize your online efforts! Follow Rebekah on Twitter @rebekahradice.

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  1. Rebekah,

    Thanks for this well written, well thought-out article. It is obvious that you spent a lot of time and research on it. I really appreciate the effort since I want to use my Facebook Fan Page for more engagement to help build my business and get more clients this year.

    I particularly found it interesting when you basically said to be “more personable” so that people will get to know like and trust you. I didn’t know if a FB Fan Page was supposed to be just business but now I know that that is not so. Also, adding the “call to action” is important and something that I almost never do.

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

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