Killer Apps for A Successful Twitter Network (Pt.1)

Last Updated on March 11, 2010 by Wong Ching Ya

If you’re a Twitter user, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the hot debate over the Twitterville lately, about how Twitter could be the no.1 Search Engine in near future. Although the assumption of Twitter out beating Google Search has received mixed opinions from the public, but up till now, nobody can underestimate the power of Twitter as the next-best-thing in social networking (probably SEO too)! Even Google has a Twitter account now with more than 13,000 followers just as we speak! So, why not?


Key Element To A Successful Network ~ Mingle with The RIGHT people

Imagine you’re at a gathering, in a room full of people you barely knew, how would you determine who you should talk to for starter? Somebody HAS to start the conversation right? But what to say? When to jump in the conversation? I wonder who loves music as much as I do ? I want to promote my business, who could be my potential customers? …

“I know NO ONE! How should I start?”

If that’s the case, you’ve came to the right place! (don’t panic. Cocktail, anyone?)

Image by Ian Britton


Let Me Guess… The Twitter Search Applications??

BINGO! You’re smart! From my first impression about Twitter until today, my interest for this little gadget has grown significantly. As the hot topic enrolled in early March, when Loren Baker talked about the 9 Twitter Search Apps that are ‘Better Than Twitter & Google’, I immediately compared it with the 10 Best Places To Get Twitter Followers by Ronation in General Business. I’m not surprised for the similarities of the Apps introduced, they are indeed, very user-friendly. However, here we will be focusing more on the ‘Search’ tools as the discussion goes on.


So MANY of them!…Just How Should I Know WHICH one to use?

That’s the GOOD news I’m about to share with you. After throwing massive time and energy in testing out these tools, including the ones suggested by the readers, I have this mind-mapping drafted: (Click the icon to be brought to the Search Engine Site that suits your need.)

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That seems easy enough! But, why can’t I just Add People Randomly?

Of course you can! That’s exactly how I did it in the earlier stages. However, in my personal opinion, it had not been conducive to my social network. Even though I did enjoy the random chatting, but it actually ate up quite a lot of my time, which is something that I can’t afford to lose.
After considerate thoughts, I decided to enhance my chances on finding the potential groups in much lesser time through analyzing the Twitter search engine instead. The hard work paid off, and it helped to balance up my followers/following. So far, I have enjoyed the bonding with like-minded people; while getting the best out of Twitter.
Next post, I’ll be giving some insights about the tools mentioned. I’m amazed on how well they worked, frankly speaking. And love to share with you my findings.

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