15 Creative Tips to Rock Your Timeline Cover Photo for Facebook Pages

Last Updated on June 5, 2012 by Wong Ching Ya

UPDATED 20/03/2012: Visit Part 2: 18 More Creative Tips to Fire Up Your Facebook Page Cover Photo.

Facebook Pages are going through drastic changes to embrace the Timeline layout. One of the most critical tasks is to design your cover photo (851×315 pixels). Unfortunately, Facebook had laid down strict rules to prevent all promotional links, call to actions, contact information to appear on the cover:

facebook cover rules

This made the transition even more difficult and daunting. We’ve seen the big brands with their visual compelling cover photos. Just how shall we, the (smaller brand) page owners can make full use of that visible spot for brand awareness? I’ve compiled about 60+ cover photos from non-big-brand pages below, hopefully we can be inspired by their amazing effort.

Disclaimer: Below pages are mentioned due to their creative use of cover images. It has nothing to do with affiliation or promotion for the products/services they offered.


#1  To Announce an Event or Product Launch


Kim uses the cover image to announce her exclusive webinar while the image description (after clicked) includes the link to the event registration. Smart idea.

kimberly castleberry

ShortStack informs everyone that their facebook applications are now Timeline ready – a message that is hard to miss on the cover. Their custom app images are nicely designed too.



#2  To Show Appreciation to Supporters/Fans


What a wonderful gesture to showcase your loyal fans by adding them to your cover photo, Mari has done it again!

mari smith


#3  Creative Design of Company Name and Logo


These brands are incorporating colorful and impressive background designs to match their company name and logo. Some of them have customized their custom app images to match their brand identity.


cat creative media


funky fleece








social fresh




#4  To Capture Attention with Catchy Slogan & Images


You gotta love the name and slogan – very catchy,

badass biz

Fresh Art uses a cover photo that resonates with all of us – who doesn’t have a silly moment?

fresh art photography

Another smart use of tagline,

media collective

Yes, it’s obvious how much you love art.

stern gallery

All the questions will be answered within the page, I hope?



#5  “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”


Sometimes a clean photo represents a lot more than texts or phrases. In this case, relevancy is vital. Be smart in selecting the best image that says it all:

destiny's calling you


inbound zombie


kristi hines


rockingham child care




#6  To Add Positive Elements in Your Timeline Cover


Everyone loves to be inspired and greeted by a positive message. These Pages are using the positive elements to entice visitors wanting to learn more about their brand.

anita westlake


here we are with luci


supernova media


the blog squad


#7  ‘Behind the Scenes’ Pictures (or ‘People Behind the Brand’)


Give your Facebook Page a personal touch by showcasing your team members. It’s great to be welcomed by bright smiles and (real) people who make things happen. You can amplify your brand awareness by allowing ‘Message’ option and Admin subscription button.



simply zesty




uptown studios


#8  To Tell Your Story via Photo Collages


Sometimes you may need more than one picture to express your brand. Iexpress2explore is using texts and photos to showcase their activities.


The ‘before and after’ pictures are equally interesting,

mari method

And of course, who doesn’t love kids’ photos!

voices for utah children


#9  To Use Own Portrait or …


These are some familiar faces we’ve seen across the social media networks. Some of them are using own portraits while some, well, you got to admire their creativity.

ask aaron lee


darren rowse


grandma mary


danny brown


gary vaynerchuk


#10  To Include Service Information


Use short descriptions to explain the type of services your brand provided.

biz eez

Take note of Brankica’s ‘Like me!’ image on the photo app – great idea!

brankica underwood


dnd graphiks


interim business solutions


promotion social media llc


simplicity small business solutions


social media hive


wildfire interactive


social stars


valley virtual assistance


#11 To Showcase Your Art Work


Cover photo is a great bonus facebook app for photographers. Even writers/authors can benefit from showcasing their work too.



carolyn rife photography


christi kraft photography


daniel james photography


rachel vanoven photography


#12  To Showcase Your Product


Let your visitors aware of the products or merchandise you offered.

lilian grace




marta's baby booties




#13  To Add Testimonials (from Clients or Industry Leaders)


Win your first impression from visitors by displaying testimonials from industry leaders or clients. However, don’t flood your cover photo with dozens of testimonials. Remember, less is more.

jim oborny


social identities


#14  To Show Positive User Experience


Use picture that shows positive user experience of your brand, but remember to not fake it. It will be ironic to have all the negative posts or comments underneath a ‘I’m-a-happy-customer’ type of cover. If you are able to find real-life customers who are willing to help out, that’s even more convincing.

top notch gift shop


usborne books


#15  To Define Your Website/Blog Type


For bloggers or site owners, you may use photo that best describes your site genre. For example, Michael Aulia owns a tech blog with gadgets reviews:

craving tech

Or you can explain your site with a short paragraph,


Or bullet points,

the sun today

Or anything you feel matches your web design or personality.

smashing magazine


So there you have it! Hopefully these Timeline brand Pages gave you enough inspirations to design your own. Since default landing tab is no longer available, you need to use all possible assets to entice visitors to Like your brand before all the engagements could take place on your Page.

Want more examples? You may visit here.


Don’t forget to read Part 2: 18 More Creative Tips to Fire Up Your Facebook Page Cover Photo.

Now Is Your Turn…


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