1. Hi Ching Ya.

    Cool.. And of course it don’t hurt that Hyper Alerts was developed by some smart Norwegians.

    I enjoy Hyper Alerts and it works really well. I hope my Norwegian friends also brings this kind info into a iPhone app.

    Cheers.. Are

    1. Hi Are, very smart invention indeed. Props to the Norwegians (I didn’t aware of that but good to know). Thanks so much for sharing your feedback.

  2. Hiya Ching Ya,

    Great to see that you are back 🙂

    I had also been using fan page notifier (thanks to your suggestion) but I noticed that I had stopped getting notifications as well.

    Will definitely try both of these options and let you know how it works.

    As always thanks for the information.

    1. It’s always nice to see you here, Deidre. 🙂 Really looking forward to hear your experience with these two apps. My prediction is that you’ll be happy with the results, finger cross. Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Facebook has just introduced comments notifications for those who have upgraded to the new format. I just upgraded my page and confirm that there is a notification feature.

  4. Facebook has released update to the Facebook pages which will come with email notification. it should go into full force by March. At the moment, the above mentioned apps are still very useful.

    Thanks for the article.

  5. As usual – invaluable information – thanks Ching Ya. Facebook is always changing things making it difficult for the average user that is not that tech savvy to know what to do for a better user experience.
    That`s why bloggers are doing a great service when they get the word out and have tutorials to help others understand how to better use things.

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