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7 Easy Ways to Add Clients Testimonials to your Blog

Freelancers, marketers, even bloggers are taking testimonials seriously. Although some referring it to be purposed for closing sales, truth is testimonial is a critical aspect in brand monitoring.  While I was outsourcing for hosting service, the clients’ reviews are my ‘first impressions’ to the brand. Not solely on the after-use experience, but how the brand…

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How to Detect and Deal with Content Theft, Autoblogs

Online content theft is not a new problem. We are so used to it that sometimes we chose to be ignorant of it. Can you imagine the time and effort we could spend on dealing with scrappers? Endless. Even so, does that mean it’s ‘okay’ to let it happen? So obviously I have a good…

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Art Of Communicating in Social Networks

  Ahh.. one of those dreaded moments for the guys. We all know the pressure here. Oh yes, we’re tricky. But you know what? A little wisdom can definitely save you off the hook. But first, you need to know your partner better– the ground rule before all tips and tricks. How does this have…

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How To Pick Up From Your Blogging Downturns

Have you ever been confined in your own limitations? Are there obstacles stopping you from reaching your blogging goals? Ever thought about quitting? Some negative thoughts, you would say. In fact, they may hide somewhere inside your mind, waiting to strike once you hit the blogging downturns. We all have ups and downs in life….