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How to Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn and Facebook Page with Testimonials (Portfolio)

I hope you had a blast fine-tuning your blog with testimonials last week. It’s really encouraging to hear that some are trying out the methods, can’t wait to receive more feedbacks on that! In the mean time, I will be sharing few more practical ways to display testimonials (and portfolio) on your LinkedIn and Facebook…

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How to Receive Email Notification for Your Facebook Business Page

I have hoped everyday that Facebook will grant us the convenience to receive email notifications for our business pages updates. Unfortunately, it seems like facebook has no intention to incorporate this feature yet: Bummer, pardon me for not being tolerate when it comes to business page notifications. There has not been a clear reason given…

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How to Allow Photo-Tagging by Fans on Your Facebook Page

Since the past few weeks I have received a lot of requests about photo-tagging in business pages: It was a good question from Adam. There used to be a simple option to tweak the settings but ever since facebook had modified the photo tab and its layout last month, the option was completely invisible: Good…

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How to Detect and Deal with Content Theft, Autoblogs

Online content theft is not a new problem. We are so used to it that sometimes we chose to be ignorant of it. Can you imagine the time and effort we could spend on dealing with scrappers? Endless. Even so, does that mean it’s ‘okay’ to let it happen? So obviously I have a good…

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How To Pick Up From Your Blogging Downturns

Have you ever been confined in your own limitations? Are there obstacles stopping you from reaching your blogging goals? Ever thought about quitting? Some negative thoughts, you would say. In fact, they may hide somewhere inside your mind, waiting to strike once you hit the blogging downturns. We all have ups and downs in life….