100+ creative twitter headers

100+ Creative Twitter Headers for Your Inspiration

Twitter has officially joined the ‘visual’ club by allowing users to create a personalized Twitter header to boost their brand visibility. Some people (and brands) had gotten a head start with the headers and the results are pretty impressive. If you’re still unsure what to put up there, here are some twitter header examples that will blow your mind – “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

100+ creative twitter headers


But before that, some important notes to remember (as of 2022):

  • Twitter Header Size: 1500 x 500 pixels (aspect ratio of 3:1)
  • Twitter Profile Picture: 400 x 400 pixels (image size <2MB)
  • Supported File Format: JPG, PNG
  • Twitter Bio: <160 characters

A few considerations before creating YOUR Twitter Header:

  • Can it express your personality?
  • Can it describe your brand properly?
  • Can you get creative with it?
  • How does your header fit well with your Bio and Profile picture ?
  • How to spice up your static Twitter page with a robust image?


100+ Creative Twitter Headers to Inspire You

#1  To Be Playful and Witty

These are some of the creative Twitter headers that are smart and fun, and will undoubtedly draw attention to your brand.

A combination of illustration and self-portrait (and an arrow too), Andrej has certainly made his brand stand out.

playful twitter header1

I can easily categorise this in the black and white Twitter header section, but I can’t help it – the word play of the designer’s name and the headline is just too much fun! Well done.

playful twitter header2

Why not get creative by incorporating a picture that perfectly matches your brand’s name and logo? You can definitely ignite people’s curiosity about your brand. This is super clever and definitely unique in its own way.

playful twitter header3

This is truly a cute Twitter header. I don’t know about you, but I’m curious: what the adorable creature is looking at and what is he up to? A little ambiguous fun is always welcome.

playful twitter header5

The cutout pretty much sums up Adam’s expertise. Looks cool and clever!

playful twitter header4


#2  To Display Designs & Creative Projects

A Twitter header can be a good place to showcase one’s creative work. This is a no-brainer for a designer or painter who wants to show off their best work. Check out these creative Twitter header and decide how you’d like to showcase your work:

Some logos…

display twitter header1

… or a lot of logos?

display twitter header4

The wines in David’s Twitter header are inviting and social, but he is actually an expert in wine branding. The header, in my opinion, works both ways.

display twitter header2

Misty’s watercolour paintings are always gorgeous and captivating. I enjoyed seeing her work on Instagram, and of course, on her Twitter header too.

display twitter header3


#3  To Include a Call to Action

Don’t forget to include a call to action in the Twitter header while displaying projects or courses. In fact, you’re actually driving attention to the products you’re trying to sell/offer.

call to action twitter header1 call to action twitter header2

Apart from the call to action, Louise’s branding is recognisable across the social networks – the purple tones.

call to action twitter header3


#4  Combination of Colours & Shapes

Colours add excitements, and they can really make a simple Twitter header stand out. There is no doubt that adding gradients, splashes of colour, or geometric shapes to the design can have a positive impact. Here are some colourful Twitter headers:

The colourful shapes and dynamic typography catch the eye!

colourful twitter header1 colourful twitter header2

Does this work on individuals too? Of course!

Who says pink Twitter headers are only for ladies? Adding the 3D shapes in the background makes the brand message stand out for Jacob’s header.

colourful twitter header3

Adding a few colourful brush strokes to the Twitter header adds movement and interest.

colourful twitter header4


#5  To Personalize Your Brand

It’s always easy to just tell people what you do. But there’s a much more pleasant way to do so.

When you’re an entrepreneur or educator, ‘Hi, I’m __ ’ can be an effective introduction. It’s friendlier and also makes people want to learn more about you.

personal twitter header


#6  It’s All About BOOKS

This is particularly true for authors! Or for any publication, for that matter.

I think for someone who loves books just as much, I wouldn’t mind seeing these Twitter headers that are filled with books, compliments from other authors and more.

author twitter header1 author twitter header2

A magazine publisher can use this strategy as well:

magazine twitter header1


#7  Creative Collages that Scream Attention

Instead of people’s pictures, showcase a curated selection of unique designs or products associated with what your company is offering. Most of all, try to show them in a less rigid manner. For instance, use various shapes and sizes, like these collage Twitter headers:

A diagonal collage.

collages twitter header1

Give people a glimpse of what your brand is featuring. From the collage, it’s clear that there is creativity involved in the promoted work, and what people can expect when visiting the site.

collages twitter header2


#8  To Show a Different Side of Office Life

Less dull, more life! Instead of a solemn working environment, add a little fun to your header by showcasing what you and your colleagues do during a timeout:

Office twitter header1

If you really must have a professional-looking office Twitter header, make it look conversational, showing that two-way communication is valued.

Office twitter header2

Office twitter header3


#9  Self-Portrait AND Professional Experience

We often see these two separated – either just the portrait, or just the listed expertise with the profile picture serving as the portrait.

Here you can see that adding a second portrait to the Twitter header increases brand recognition and it’s also more effective in sending your brand’s message across.

portrait twitter header1 portrait twitter header2 portrait twitter header3 portrait twitter header4


#10  Adding a Techy Vibe

For some, technology is synonymous with “complications”. However, there are also exceptions for these technology-related Twitter headers that prefer to have a more minimalistic look, and let the pattern do the talking.

technology twitter header1 technology twitter header2


#11  In Black & White

If done right, monochrome colours can help to create a professional, cool Twitter header.

black and white twitter header1

It’s easy to think of ‘colours’ when it comes to ‘designs’ these days. With that said, Design Milk does a great job of keeping things simple and minimal.

black and white twitter header2

Jonathan goes for a more subtle approach with this monochrome Twitter header.

black and white twitter header3

Kevin is putting the focus on his name in a stylish way (taken from his business card, actually).

black and white twitter header4

If you’re not into self-portraits, then perhaps a close-up of your company’s logo will do. Make it look sleek though.

black and white twitter header5


#12  Straight to the Point

These professional Twitter headers, as opposed to wordy portfolios, make it crystal clear what one can expect from their service.

portrait twitter header7portrait twitter header5 portrait twitter header6


#13  Catchy Headlines

Another way to communicate what you do, but in a more powerful way! Apart from colours, you can use shout outs or ‘in your face’ taglines in your Twitter header. It evokes a strong emotional response and will definitely attract like-minded people to your brand.

catchy twitter header1 catchy twitter header2 catchy twitter header3 catchy twitter header4


#14  To Showcase Your Workshop

It all depends on your profession. Here, it’s about showing potential clients a wide angle of your work area. This is particularly useful for a production company or a printing company. A neat, professional working space will make a positive impression.

workshop twitter header


#15 Simple But Striking

Colours are used sparingly to emphasise the brand’s core values. Customize your fonts and focus on the most important points.

colourful twitter header6 colourful twitter header8

colourful twitter header5

It’s always a plus when the profile picture is a fun logo.

colourful twitter header7


#16 Ask a Question

Adding a question in your modern Twitter header can definitely spice things up. To take it up a notch, add a call to action to visit your site for answers!

questions twitter header1 questions twitter header2


#17 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes all you need is just the right picture.

An archive is an archive. Nothing is more obvious than what is depicted in this picture.

photo twitter header


#18 Friendly Partners or Teammates

Use portraits to give people a glimpse of your teammates. This works well even for a two-person team.

people twitter header1

Another one is to showcase a fun, light-hearted moment caught on camera at a gathering or event.

people twitter header2


#19 To Add Hashtags

What makes this interesting is the idea of incorporating the brand’s hashtag into the Twitter header.

hashtag twitter header


Looking for more Twitter Header Ideas? Here they are:

#20  To Create Brand Awareness

Not only the picture of the crowd (fans) reminds us the excitement of the game, very smart of @49ers to include their Twitter hashtags so fans can follow their updates easily.

brand awareness twitter header

If you have some great products, show them on your header:

starbucks twitter header


#21  To Blend in Your Profile Picture with Header Image

By far the most preferred method to get creative with your Twitter header. Here are a couple of examples for your reference:

blend in twitter header

unite avatar with twitter header

Note: Both screenshots were taken on desktop. The headers may appear differently when viewed on mobile devices.

#22  To Use a Single-Colored Background

Look what Twitter did with their header to make their Bio stand out.

twitter header

You may apply a gradient to the header:

gradient twitter header

Or add a little simple design like Brian Solis did:

darker twitter header

Note: Do consider your website and logo designs when choosing your best color.


#23  To Express Your Interests and Personality

Without having to scan through her bio you’ll know instantly that Debra loves ice cream! A fun way to incorporate the things you love in the twitter header:

interest on twitter header

How smart of @socialmouths to promote his website link while admitting he’s a coffee lover.

interest twitter header

Kiersten is supporting a great cause:

support a cause twitter header

Danika Patrick makes sure you don’t forget her as a successful auto-car racer:

personality twitter header


#24  To Use a Photo Collage

You may get creative with this method without affecting the visibility of your profile picture and twitter bio. For instance, Beth uses a black and white photo collage of her friends as the twitter header:

creative collage twitter header

Can a colorful collage do the trick? According to @Shareaholic it’s possible:

collage twitter header

Why not showcase what you love or some casual snapshots of your daily life in a collage too:

collage as twitter header


#25  To Showcase Your Portfolio

You can easily turn your Twitter header into a portfolio by including the names of well-known sites that acknowledged your brand or in which you are constantly contributing as a columnist. Here’s what I mean:

portfolio twitter header

show portfolio on twitter header

Describe your brand briefly with bullet points:

portfolio on twitter header

Use header to showcase some of your best work:

book twitter header


#26  To Show a ‘Family’ Side of You

Carrie and Dave are both using their family pictures in the twitter header. Another personal way to greet their followers.

family on twitter header

family portrait twitter header

What a perfect header image for @leaderswest to express ‘perspective’ in his bio! You’ll understand why once you’ve checked out his twitter background.

family twitter header


#27  To Showcase Event and Expertise

This is a complete opposite of #7 where you introduce yourself professionally to followers about your working environment: giving talks, attending a seminar or other niche-related events.

expo twitter header

event twitter header

expertise twitter header

professional twitter header


#28  To Use Personal Quotes or Slogans

Who can say this better than Jay Baer himself? The fire at the background is perfect to go with the message. Brilliant!

personal quote twitter header

@alejandroreyes on the other hand, uses his website slogan on the header:

motto on twitter header


#29  To Acknowledge Others

How thoughtful of John! He is promoting friends/brands from his niche using the header. A very selfless act indeed.

kindness twitter header

Note: Maybe a new way to recommend people to follow on #FollowFriday? What do you think?


#30  To Use Scenery and Landscape

Another interesting approach by using beautiful pictures of scenery or city landscape as your header. Depends on your preference, either just for expressing how much you love nature or the city you live in.

scenery twitter header

nature twitter header

landscape on twitter header

city landscape twitter header


#31  To Showcase Your Other Social Media Sites

A great method to let your audience know where they can find you besides Twitter. A big advantage if you’re using the same username on all the social networking sites.

social media twitter header

social profiles twitter header


#32  To Humanize Your Brand

Razoo is using the same header image as their Facebook cover. A photo of their supporters brings the organization to life.

humanize twitter header


#33  To add Customer Testimonials

Client’s testimonial can be impactful, so does adding a before/after picture. But this depends on your industry.

testimonial twitter header


#34  To Showcase Your Workplace

Add behind-the-scene pictures of how your office looks like during working hours is not a bad idea:

workplace twitter header

Great color contrast by @PSFK,

workplace on twitter header

How about something static, your office desk maybe?

office desk twitter header

static twitter header


#35  Focus, Focus, Focus

Dorien uses her brand color (orange) and the arrow to emphasize her twitter bio:

focus twitter header


#36  More Portraits?

There are many ways you can showcase your own portrait in the twitter header, learn from these guys:

cool portrait twitter header

designer twitter header

portrait as twitter header

portrait image twitter header

portrait twitter header


#37  To Use Illustrations

Have you thought of using illustrations to spice up your twitter header? Something to think about.

city illustration twitter header

illustration on twitter header

illustration twitter header


#38  Other Twitter Header Designs

a.  Simple, Clean Design

simple twitter header

b.  Robust and Exciting

robust twitter header

c.  Abstract Design

abstract twitter header

d.  Just Being Creative

colorful twitter header

e.  Promote Your Product

promote twitter header

f.  Include Welcome Message to Visitors

welcome message twitter header

So there you have it! Get your creative juice running and start brainstorming for your twitter header design.

If you are curious which design I applied to my Twitter header, well here it is:

quote twitter header

The picture was taken during my holiday trip in Langkawi. I just thought the quote was perfect for the image!

By the way, are you on Twitter? Let’s connect:

Now Is Your Turn

Have you created your own Twitter header yet? If yes do share with us in the comment. If not, which of these designs appeal to you the most?





    1. Thank you Sarah, it was great fun sourcing all these examples for sure! Love your header so got to include that. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  1. Hiya Ching,

    I found you through SBC and I just wanted to say seriously? You men to tel me twitter changed something else and I’m just now figuring it out? Ugh, social media moves so dern fast. But thanks so much for the info. Now I’ve got to add it to my list of stuff to implement. Have a great Monday!

    1. You’re so welcome, Mys Palmer. I know! When I first heard about the changes, I thought ‘Wow, when I’ll ever have the time to get one?’ Then I found these great examples, they helped me to decide what I’m going to do next for the header, just thought people might like to get this resource too. It’s a lot of fun compiling them.

      Be sure to notify me when you get your header up. Love to see it!

    1. You’re most welcome, Sian. Thanks for finding the resource useful. These were meant to be personal reference but great that now it can be a good guide for anyone who needs some inspirations. Let me know when your header is up! 🙂

  2. How fun to check in on your blog and find that you’ve featured my Twitter header in this post. Thanks for including me in such a great lineup. I love all of the creative ideas you’ve curated!

    I’m also adding this to my Scoop.it topic on Twitter best practices – great piece Ching Ya.

    1. Don’t mention it, Debra. I LOVE your twitter header – can’t say ‘no’ to ice cream. 🙂 Great that you show a personal side of you to the followers, love that idea.

  3. Thanks, Ching Ya! That’s my boy, Xander in the header. I need to find something a bit more professional, but it is a constant reminder when I am on Twitter that I should probably be spending more time with him!!

    1. That will be a wonderful reminder, always, Jim. Love those pair of eyes and he’s super adorable! Thanks for this wonderful inspiration, especially to all moms/dads on twitter. 🙂

  4. This is the best post I’ve seen on the new Twitter header.

    I finally made time to create my own today @StephanieWinans and one for the company I work for @TheRandyLaneCo after this post gave me the inspiration I needed. Thanks for curating these great examples!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words, Stephanie. Your header looks great too! Can’t wait to see what you’ll create for your company’s header.

  5. Great post and a lot of good examples and thanks for including mine.

    I thought I’d point out that the folks who are using a photo of themselves as the overall header photo and then lining up the photo so their head shows in the square avatar area need to check the way they look on mobile phones because on the mobile app the avatar is enlarged and won’t line up with the background. The result is a funny oversized head. The effect works great on the web but not so good on mobile.

  6. My compliments for all those creative, funny, crazy, beautiful, elegant and most individual twitter covers! It is a pleasure to scroll through.

    By accident, I have created my own twitter cover already yesterday, so some of your excellent advice come a little bit too late for me (but I will keep them in my mind for later changes and improvements, of course)
    Nevertheless, I like to share the “status quo” with you, of course: https://twitter.com/wandklex
    Coulourful regards and rainbowed wishes from
    “wandklex” (=German for “freckle on the wall”)
    Ingrid, muralist

  7. I like the ones that border off sections for easier reading/defining areas (like many of the ones in this list)

    I created a free template download on my blog that allows you to border off the text with a background (along with other design ideas)….It REALLY helps make the centered white text not look so ugly!

    (I won’t link to it in case you think I’m being a dirty spammer lol)

    Great list!

  8. I have seen a lot of these but I haven’t thought of one yet, so I decided to use the basic version of Twitter until I get the idea of making one, I’ll upgrade it and thank you for sharing the ideas – Ferb

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